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Strive to be the best. Strive to make an impact. Strive together.

Strive is an intentional and impactful initiative that will utilize Buzzer’s unifying platform to invest in equitable outcomes for Black, Indigenous and People of Color. Buzzer is dedicated to leveling the playing field through our company’s mission, values, product and financial tools in order to create more opportunities for communities of color. Strive will serve as that vehicle for Buzzer to drive positive change and outcomes in our society.

Mentorship Program

Strive's Mentorship Program aims to foster meaningful connections between Black students enrolled in HBCUs and experienced industry professionals. Our program allows Mentees and Mentors to discuss a range of topics, from career/professional goals, experiences in the workplace, building their leadership skills, to identifying strengths and weaknesses. Through facilitated sessions, both mentors and mentees will have a chance to cultivate strong relationships, ultimately providing the opportunity to learn and grow.


My mentor is super nice and casual which makes her easy to talk to. It’s interesting learning about her work as well.

Mentee, Mia

I love love love my mentee!!! Perfect match! Thank you thank you!

Mentor, Estee

Through the Strive initiative I have received a mentor who’s thoughtful, candid and experienced. Mr. Saunders has openly shared his career and life journey with me in hopes I will become just as great as him without making some of the same mistakes he did.

Mentee, Kalu

This is going really well, thanks for organizing. My mentee even asked if there was still a chance for others to get involved as her sister is also in college and wanted to apply.

Mentor, Kyle

My Strive Summer Mentor is truly amazing. Very knowledgeable on a number of things, is very helpful and caring, and goes above and beyond to be a resource for me.

Mentee, Jaylin

Connected with my mentee last week. Seems we’re perfect for each other!

Mentor, Erwin

This experience has been phenomenal and I would not have it any other way. T.J has been an excellent mentor and he has helped me reach my short term goals as well as set me up for long term success.

Mentee, Erin